This is Demon

Please help us with Demon's Vet Bill

Demon Got Sick this Holiday Season and had to get surgery and spent a few days at the Vet Hospital.  He still needs some on going treatment and has already raked up a $2300 vet bill.

Demon is a very loving part of our family and we will do whatever it takes to keep him well and healthy.
Demon came into our lives as a 6 month old puppy In November 2008. He has a mate named Skylar that loves him very much and would love to see him well and healthy.
 He is currently 8 years and 1 month old. He is now at home and progressing well. There is still an outstanding Bill of $1750 and he has another appointment for a checkup in a few days that will incur more costs. We are also waiting a biopsy to determine treatment.
 Any Dollar you can help with will be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for your help.



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  1. Very nice blog Linda. I wish the very best for Demon and his loving family. I did donate to the campaign and will talk to Elaine about sending more soon. I also am happy to share this with my friends and followers. Others can do that also by clicking on the share buttons above the comments. We are thankful that Demon is doing better. :D